People Counter
Real-time Occupancy Monitoring

The People Counter determines the number of individuals in a specific area and detects their direction of movement.


Total counts today (in and out):
Local time (CET):

Current occupancy:
The daily "total count" indicates the number of times people have entered and left the office floor.
IEE staff starts at 7 AM until approx. 6 PM CET

In order to monitor the occupancy of the ground floor office at its Luxembourg headquarters, IEE has installed one People Counter at each entrance, which keeps a tally of the staff currently present in the office area.
In addition, 3 video cameras display footage of entrance 1, 2 and 3 and show people entering and leaving. These video images are blurred for privacy reasons.

Entrance 1

Entrance 2

Entrance 3

Thanks to the 3D MLI Sensor™ technology and its unique tracking and segmentation ability, the People Counter is able to monitor occupancy with unparalleled accuracy. For this particular demonstration, the sensor offers a people counting accuracy of 99,88%.
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